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Welcome to Smokin' Dave's Taxicab Diaries    

Got em? Smoke 'em!

Straight off a French Quarter street
and crashing through your living
room. Smokin' Dave's Taxicab
Diaries has been one of the
most talked-about taxicab
websites since '97.

Welcome to the site
that made the city
of New Orleans a
bit more famous.

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The image galleries are here! Check out my pics (I'm so pretty), readers of Smokin' Dave's Taxicab Diaries, the driver's gallery, or the Smokin' Dames gallery. Upload your own photos! My Smokin' pic for January is Sandi, a driver from St. Pete, Florida. Sandi
Smokin' Dave versus a small army of tattooes, mohawks, and body piercings. Note: Hanging onto the side of a moving taxicab can be hazardous to your health. Read about it in one of my newer stories, Wow, I Almost Killed a Gutter Punk.
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Welcome to Smokin' Dave's Taxicab Diaries    

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